Why You Shouldn’t Buy CBD on Amazon – Until You Know These 4 Tips

Amazon forbids the sale of marijuana and cannabiniol (CBD) products, regardless of state laws. This has created a ‘wild west’ for those wanting to buy CBD on Amazon.  There are a lot of retailers selling ‘hemp’ products, implying that theirs include CBD.  And guess what, a 2024 study by Oracle found more than half of the ‘hemp’ products don’t contain CBD.

If you take your time and choose carefully, you can buy CBD products on Amazon.  We’ll tell you what to look for and review the most reliable brands.

Key Take Aways

  • More than half the Amazon products labelled hemp contain 0% CBD.
  • Evidence of 3rd party certification or lab testing is important.
  • Legitimate CBD retailers have ‘white label’ CBD products on Amazon.
  • Choose hemp extract or full-spectrum hemp.  Avoid hemp seed oil and hemp oil.

Avoid Fakes

Search for products like natural hemp, organic hemp oil, bloom CBD gummies, or any CBD product and you’ll find hundreds of products. They are usually labeled as hemp oil, hemp tincture, or hemp extract. They’re sold as health supplements or hemp products to meet Amazon’s requirements. They promise all the health benefits of CBD, without actually mentioning CBD. 

But, this approach leaves the door wide open for scammers. A recent study found that nearly half of the ‘hemp’ products on Amazon didn’t contain any CBD.

Even though it’s tricky, there are ways to confidently buy hemp products that contain CBD.

How to Choose Hemp Products Containing CBD

We’ve scoured Amazon and our recommended products are listed below. If you want to buy CBD from Amazon retailers, here are our tips.

1. Read the Label

Not all hemp is made equal.  Look for ‘hemp extract’, ‘full-spectrum hemp’, or hemp sourced from leaves, stems, and flowers.  These parts of the hemp plant contain CBD.

Hemp seed oil contains 0% CBD.  ‘Hemp oil’ could mean anything, so we recommend that you avoid it.

2. Google the Brand

In the product description, the brand of the product should be listed. Google the brand.

When a retailer only sells on Amazon, it’s an orange flag for us.  It can mean a lot of things, but it essentially makes them ‘no name’ products with no other customer base and no reputation outside of Amazon. They have nothing to lose.

If you can’t find their online store or evidence of a parent company, look for another product. It’s not worth the risk of wasting your money.

Some sellers are quite clever and have labels that suggest a well-known brand. Take time to read both the label and product description carefully.

3. Look for ‘White Label’ Products

One way for genuine CBD retailers to sell CBD on Amazon is to ‘white label’. This often means removing the words ‘CBD’ from the label to make it compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.  Some retailers have launched brands specifically for Amazon.

The good thing about white-labeled brands is that the company tends to have quality control, reputation, and customers who buy genuine CBD products.

4. 3rd Party Certification

Many reputable CBD retailers provide batch testing and 3rd party certification for their products on their website.  That means you can be confident about quality, purity, and potency.

While you won’t find testing results on Amazon, this is one of the reasons we look for white-label products. If the company behind the Amazon product publishes batch or lab testing results, that’s a good sign. You can feel more confident that their Amazon-branded products are essentially re-branded versions of the tested products.

3 Picks for 2024

Restorative Botanicals Ultra High Strength Hemp Oil

From the reliable USA brand, Restorative Botanicals, this oil is made with hemp extract from stems and flowers.
Better sleep and pain relief are frequent customer-rated benefits.
The chocolate-mint flavor gets mixed reviews.
The 30ml bottle contains 60 servings.




UFORIQ Night Time Hemp Gummies

UFORIQ is a Texas-based company that provides high-quality white-labeled CBD products in the USA.
The parent company has solid reviews scoring 4.8.
Lab test information is available on the UFORIQ website.
10 gummies per bottle.




HempMD Hemp Oil

Owned by a reputable parent company, this berry-flavored oil is one of the most affordable products with solid company backing.
Hemp extract is made from hemp plant flowers, stems, and leaves.
The lack of batch detail means that it’s not possible to verify potency and purity, so there’s a lot of trust in the parent company.





If you’re asking yourself, can I buy CBD on Amazon, the answer is yes, but do your homework. There are some choice CBD gummies and CBD products on Amazon, but …… there are also a lot of fakes.

Buying from a reputable online retailer is going to be a more reliable choice for most. If you want the ease of Amazon, be prepared to invest time to check out products.

Remember that we update this page regularly.

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