About us

Welcome to our world of tranquility ……

I’m Maree Machin and I first created Calm-a-Calm as a practical resource guide for busy professionals working with stressed staff, and traumatised children and young people.

What we quickly realised is that anxiety and stress is super common.  The most commonly diagnoses emotial health issues, over 30% of us will come face-to-face anxiety in our lifetime!

And that our information can change lives for many people.  Of all ages and stages.

This blog helps you find the best practical solutions to help manage the symptoms of anxiety and stress. We’ve been working in the allied health and helping profession for many years and have a deep understanding of what works in the real world. 

We know that for some of us, anxiety and stress can arise from challenging times.  For others who live with a disability, cognitive difference, neurodivergence, and conditions such as dementia, anxiety can be a part of everyday life.

The main goal of calm-a-calm is to help educate and guide you to making the purchase decisions about the tried and tested resources that will improve quality of life.

We are always on the lookout for new and upcoming products and ideas, so rest assured our content will always be relevant and contain the latest product information in the industry.

We hope that you enjoy and support our website!

Calm a Calm