First recognised way back in the 1920s people have long understood the therapeutic benefits of this blended frequency of sound. The first white consumer noise machine was produced in 1962.  You can still buy it – the Dohm original (we have it in the review).  Since then, their popularity has continued to grow … and grow.

White noise machines effectively create a sound bubble, a space between you and the world around you.  This bubble can promote calmness, improve sleep, make it easier to get to and stay asleep, and reduce distractions from the outside world. There is a long list of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural conditions that really benefit.  People even find relief from tinnitus with these nifty devices.

From restless babies to travelers and those living with dementia, white noise machines can offer a practical, everyday way to soothe and create an inner calm.  We love them!  

We’ve picked a selection of styles and price points for you. From cheap-and-cheerful contenders – great to test if it works for you – to the full sleep hygiene experience, you’ll find a white noise machine that is right for you.

Our Review Selection

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Yogasleep Dohm Classic
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Original workhorse
Hatch Restore 2
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Total sleep routine
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Buffbee Sound Machine
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Travel friendliness
Multi-function solution
Magicteam White Noise Machine
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Yogasleep Hush White Noise
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Dreamegg White Noise Machine
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Child lock innovation
Hatch Rest Go
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Long battery life
Style + Function

This is it.  The OG white noise machine that started a movement in 1962, the Dohm Classic continues to show that simple fan noise can soothe babies, kids, and adults alike.

It has one sound – fan.  Two speeds.  Two volume options.  The tone is adjusted by turning the outside casing to produce a range of background-canceling tones.  Unobtrusive, the machine will sit quietly in any room or office.

Unlike most other machines, the fan sound is made by a real fan, not a recording!

With a functional design, you could easily overlook this no-frills gem. Made tough (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) materials), this is no flimsy machine.

Known for reliability, the Classic is solidly built, unpretentious and it works.

Some will be disappointed by the AC power source and the lack of a USB cable option.

The Dohm Classic is backed by a 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to operate
  • Quality construction
  • Real fan noise – not a recording
  • Basic styling
  • AC power


Functions2 x speed fan noise
Power SourceAC
Dimensions5.75″ x 5.75″ x 3.25″
FeaturesOptional travel case

What people are saying about Dohm Classic

I recently purchased a white noise machine to help with the constant noise from my neighbors and passing cars. I have to say, it has been a game-changer. I used to rely on a fan to create white noise, but this device is much smaller and more effective.

I live in an apartment building where noise from neighbors can be a constant issue. But with this white noise machine, I can finally have some peace. It’s also great for traveling, as it easily fits in my suitcase and helps me sleep in unfamiliar environments. Jennifer, 2024

This is my second one. My first one lasted 25 years. I felt like l had been deserted by a friend. Off to shopping on line. Lo and behold it was there… identical. It just purrs at me and I sleep immediately. How lucky to find it after all that time. It proves it is an excellent product.  Helen, 2024

Oldest son and his wife have two kiddies and they put this item on their registries for both babies. So when baby #3 came along, I asked them if they would like another one for the new babies room? YES!!!!!! So I knew exactly what model to buy and they were delighted to get this as a needed gift. It is nice because it can be adjusted how loud you want the white noise….high or low. They use the lower setting for their children. And when the kids come to spend the night, their Mom and Dad always send their white noise machines!!!!  Chris, 2023

Hatch Restore 2 is getting a lot of attention and raving fans – and it’s not hard to see why.  Hatch’s premium sound machine, Restore 2 is designed with lifestyle in mind.

With sleep hygiene driving design, the Restore 2 guides your evening wind-down, provides options to the largest number and variety of sounds (including stories!), and ensures a peaceful start with gentle alarm and sunrise effects. It’s the whole package and then some.

Beautifully designed to look great in the bedroom, the fabric facing and rounded shape speak calm and restfulness.

More than other devices, the nighttime and morning routines may be of value to those who live with anxiety and find it hard to switch off at bedtime.

With the on/off control button easily reached, all other selections and settings are found on the App. This means that a WiFi connection and Bluetooth device are required to operate your Restore 2. The benefit of an App-based system is the ability of the Restore 2 to deliver additional sounds – including meditations, wind-down channels, and stories – through the optional subscription. While attractive, the device is pretty special without the premium service.

With this level of tech built into the machine, it is a bit of a surprise that there’s no USB charge option.

If you don’t love it, you can return it.  Hatch 2 comes with a 60-night money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

  • Holistic sleep hygiene
  • Aesthetic design
  • Customisable settings
  • Range of additional sounds and tracks
  • AC power only
  • Expensive
  • WiFi needed to operate


Functions21 x sounds: white, pink, brown noise + nature tracks
10 x alarm clock functions
Power Source AC
Colours3: Latte, Putty, Slate
Dimensions7.2” x 2.4” x 5.3”
FeaturesApp-based controls
Sleep routine (customisable)
Alarm clock with gentle waking alarm
Premium options with subscription

What people are saying about Restore 2

A friend of mine had told me about her new sleep routine and after some researching Hatch, I was sold. I have had my Hatch Restore 2 for about a week and WOW, it has been a game-changer. I wake up each morning in a better mood and not so groggy. Morgan, 2023

Hatch 2 is super smart. The app is intuitive, fun and easy to use. The app allows you to control Hatch 2 and all its functionality. It took me all of 30 seconds to get comfortable with this well-designed app.  The device looks GREAT on your nightstand, too. It blends into the interior and feels like a part of the room decor. There are no ugly wires, cables or plastic-y feel. It enhances the ambiance. Yan, 2023

Sound options are fantastic. We like the “rainstorm” sound best, but there are many others to choose from. I’ve only tried the wakeup sounds a couple times, and so far I like the “ocean shore” sound best. Speaking of volume, sound quality and volume are great. Better than our smart speaker.  The clock is a perfect size and brightness. You can set it to be always on or only on certain times. I like to leave it always on.  Cathy, 2023

Is this not the happiest thing going?? Designed as a travel-friendly, 2-in-1 white noise machine, and alarm clock, the Buffbee Sound Machine is chock full of features. Users are spoilt for option choices.  The device is super-popular and we can see why.

The quality of the sounds is good and the machine can be set to run on a timer if preferred.  With alarm settings separate from the sound machine settings, you have flexibility in the sound of your alarm. And the options continue from the selection of nightlight colours to volume control and display brightness.

The top-located controls are close together can be a bit tricky to work out in the middle of the night. 

The fully adjustable nightlight is a bonus. It really makes the Buffbee a multi-purpose travel companion. Perfect for the kids’ room as well.

Compact (fits in the palm of an adult’s hand) and weighing in at just over half a pound, the Buffbee is a great size for popping in luggage knowing that background noise won’t be keeping you awake.  The AC power source means that you’ll need a plug adaptor for international travel. As a travel machine, it is a bit surprising to not have a USB-C charging cable.

The CR2032 battery is only to save alarm and time settings.  It does not run the clock if the power is disconnected.

With a broad colour range, including the incredibly happy rainbow, there is a Buffbee that will suit every room in the home or office.

Pros and Cons

  • Travel size
  • Price
  • Multi-function
  • Small control buttons
  • Control buttons not backlit
  • AC power only


Function18 sounds: 5 x white noise, 3 x fan, 10 nature
Alarm clock
Power sourceAC
Dimensions3.85″ x 3.85″ x 2.36″
Features5 x wake-up alarm sounds
7 x colour option nightlight
0-100% clockface brightness

What people are saying about Buffbee

The person who designed this most likely needed one to sleep at night too. A lot of good planning , and engineering went into this product. I bought a second one for my 6 year old too, and he loves it. The bottom lights up any of the basic colors you like. I is a nice night light for children. There are multiple different sounds , but I needed this for one sound ( fan / ac unit sound) that is what I am used to hearing in the warmer months. This is a quality made product, and you can tell there was good tech intergraded in this product. Danyel, 2024

This clock was so easy to set up! It took me less than 2 minutes (without the directions) to set the time (has a 24 hour function also), alarm, alarm sound, and sleep sound. I bought one for myself and my son. You won’t be disappointed. The night light function is great, with multiple colors to chose from. And an easy to access knob on the back allows total black out on the clock if you wish. You can stop your looking for a great clock with sleep sound function and battery back up which is also very portable for travel. This is it! Love it. AAAAA+++++.  T.M.G., 2023

Great sounds, the last 4 on the list I have no idea what they are but don’t matter I’m out like a light with in 15 mins of this thing normally it takes me well over 3 hours to fall asleep, this thing is magical If you have trouble sleeping you NEED THIS. Caitlin, 2024

For the budget-conscious or for those who want to know what all the fuss is about with white noise, the Magicteam White Noise Machine might be a great first device. 

Looking like a piece of office equipment, this machine is functional in design. The focus of this device is delivering soothing sounds to a budget.

The sound range is good with 20 sound options covering 3 styles of noise. Nature sounds take you from the ocean to the warmth of a crackling bonfire.

The USB charger option is great.  It makes the machine portable.  You can run it off AC or a power bank and the USB-C connection minimises the number of cables and cords to pack.  It also makes it easier to use the Magicteam if traveling internationally. The supplied USB-C cord is on the short side and needs to be replaced to suit a room.

The control buttons on the front of the machine are small and not well-lit and can take a bit of experience to operate easily. Also, the on/off button is the same as the timer control button. The default setting is on the timer, which is a bit of a trap for the inexperienced user. So if you want the machine to run for more than 5 hours or through the night remember to scroll through to indefinite.

With an 18-month warranty, you are confident that the machine will give good service.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • USB-C
  • Simple
  • Fiddly, poorly lit control buttons


Sounds20: 4 x noise, fan, nature
Power Source AC – USB-C cable
Dimensions6.3” x 4” x 2.4”

What people are saying about Magicteam

I get sound sleep every night with this machine, I have yet to experience a loud storm with this on but it muffles falling-rain noise and tree branches tapping on the bedroom window. My wife tells me she can’t hear me breathing/snoring when this machine is on which is a big win for both of us. We have taken this with us on vacation/traveling and the machine plugs right into an outlet and works the same as it does at home.
There are multiple sound timer options on this machine which shows up along the bottom of the machine under the power/timer button. When you see 1-5 white dots, that’ll tell you how many hours the machine will run before it stops. When you don’t see any dots, that is when it is on loop. I keep my machine on loop throughout the night. Travis, 2023

I loved using this so much at my massage studio, I decided to buy one for home. It’s fantastic to help my partner and I fall asleep at night. It took a bit for us to both agree on a sound that worked for our ears, but with all the options, we found one. We both have ringing in our ears and this helps the brain not focus on that while falling to sleep, not to mention it drowns out other sounds that could be disruptive. Using this for sleep has been a game changer and allowed us both to get better and deeper sleep. Elisha, 2024

This little machine has become my little buddy. I have a lot of problems with sleeping and I do not like taking any type of drugs or any meds to make my sleepy. I would always fall asleep by keeping the TV on and turning the volume down. I just always like some type of sound to get to sleep. I hated the light of the television and I was not getting any expensive device for sound, so this was just what I was looking for. My favorite sounds so far are the chirping birds, the sound of a nice rain and the sound of waves hitting the shore. This little jewel has many other sounds but so far these are my favorites. I also like the option of letting it run for a few hours or all night.  MD, 2023

Loved by grown-ups and babies alike, the Yogasleep Hushh is popular for the nursery, kids’ rooms, and by travelers of all ages.  Yogasleep is one of the most established brands in the market, having produced sound machines since 1962.  You can be confident that their products are well-designed and durable.

Hushh is all about providing a comforting, constant sound space to soothe and make it easier to go to sleep and stay asleep.

The first of three compacts we are reviewing, there’s lots to love about the Hushh.

Lightweight and durable, the basic model offers three (3) sounds, volume control, and a nightlight. Their signature noise is simple, proven, and effective. That’s it. No bells or whistles.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is perfect for travel. Just plug in the USB-C cable and charge like all our other mobile devices! The 6+ hours between re-charges is a limitation for all-night use. The device cannot be used while re-charging. If longer battery life is important, it might be worth considering the Hushh+ which boasts up to 20 hours between re-charge. You also have to unplug and turn off the Hushh every 14 days, so not ideal if you like to play 24/7.

This machine is all about simplicity and size. We think that the compact nature of the Hushh is perfect for a busy lifestyle and provides a consistent, familiar noise for babies and travelers alike.

Hushh comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

For those who want more features, the Hushh+ has more sounds, longer battery life, and an adjustable nightlight.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Travel friendly
  • USB rechargeable
  • Limited sounds
  • Battery life


Function3 sounds: bright white, deep white, gentle surf
PowersourceRechargable Lithium Ion battery
Dimensions3.8″ x 1.8″
FeaturesHanging clip
Optional travel case

What people are saying about Hushh

We love that this can travel with us easily (we’ve taken several long international flights) and the USB charger means you can take with you easily to other countries if needed. Helps drown out noise and has decent volume too. We use this every night – not just when travelling. Cora, 2023

This sound machine only has three sounds but that’s really all you need – at least that is the case for my baby. I use it every time he naps and I can definitely tell that he has better sleep quality than without it. Sound quality is great, a bit loud when you first turn it on but not overwhelming. It’s perfect for on the go, just snap it on to your bag and you’re done. I love it, 10/10.  Eleanor, 2023

Not going to lie, I’ve seen a ton of people with this attached to their car seats or strollers and I wasn’t sure it was worth the hype. Spoiler: it def is! We’ve been using this at naptime to help with background noise and it puts my son right to sleep. Love that it’s so portable. Best little sound machine ever!! Curly, 2023

The second of our ‘baby’ white noise machines, the Dreamegg continues showing that compact devices are great for little ones and super-handy for grown-ups and travel.

Advertising up to 30 hours between charges on ideal settings, 12-15 hours might be a more typical use.  That will still cover most continuous use requirements between charges.

Make sure that you allow up to 3 hours for the Dreamegg to fully charge when the battery is low.

Large, easy-to-access control buttons make it a breeze to select sound, adjust volume, and set the timer.  As the control buttons are not backlit, it could take a little bit of practice to adjust in poor light (like in the kids’ room at night!)

The sound choices for Dreamegg are broad with 21 options. There are 3 types of coloured noise, 3 fans, 8 nature, and 7 baby noises. With 30 hours of soundtracks, most will not feel that they are hearing any sort of repetition or looping.

The lithium-ion battery is recharged via the USB-C cable. The introduction of USB-C cables in recent years makes for ease of use, both around the home and on the go.

The child lock is a real innovation in these devices. It prevents little ones from seeing the Dreamegg as a toy or accidentally changing settings.

The lanyard supplied with the Dreamegg is perhaps of limited use as many would not want the additional risk of a device that is tied on rather than clipped on for hanging and secure attachment.

The Dreamegg comes with a 6-month warranty..

Pros and Cons

  • Child lock
  • Range of sounds
  • Ease of use
  • Controls not backlit
  • Lanyard and catch hazard near small children


Function21 sounds
Power sourceRechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Child lock
Optional travel case

What people are saying about Dreamegg

This sound machine is really nice and works perfectly for us. We use it in my son’s room at night and during nap times. The battery is great, and lasts through 3-4 days between charges. There is a good variety of sounds, and the sound quality is nice and not too “tinny”, and the looping sounds have nice long tracks so it doesn’t sound obnoxiously repetitive. Our favorite is the thunderstorm mode. The machine itself is also super sturdy- my 1 year old loves dragging it around his room. The lock switch on the back is also a really nice feature! Allows you to set sound and volume, but still be able to turn it on and off. Kaitlyn, 2024

I don’t use this for babies or sleeping or anything else. It is a great noise canceller for work that can easily hang outside my door to obscure sound exiting my office. It’s size is convenient and battery life between charges is great. While it isn’t running the entire time at my office, it is used daily and is charged around once a month for a few hours. I’ve never had it lose a charge on me in use. I’m sure it would also be great for traveling and ambient noise for sleeping, but it is also a great noise cancel. JA, 2024

This item is awesome for keeping my kids asleep (age 1 and 3). They have no problem falling asleep, but I have noticed since starting white noise every night, they sleep better and longer. They don’t get up in the middle of the night and they sleep a little bit later in the mornings. They wake up happier from their naps and are generally more well-rested than without. Kaydee, 2023

Made by Hatch, you expect a fashionable, beautifully crafted, quality product. The Rest Go delivers.

With rounded edges and a soft colour palette, the Hatch Rest Go says baby accessory all the way.  It even looks soothing!  The integrated attachment ring is designed for life on the go.  It provides practical solutions for the pram, cot, car, and more.

Its portability and long battery life (up to 15 hours) make it a great option for grown-ups as well. For those times when a recharge is needed while a little one is napping, the Rest Go can be used while re-charging.

Unlike some of the other optioned-up Hatch products, the Rest Go is all about simplicity.  It plays a selection of 10 sounds.  That’s it. 

Turn it on.  Scroll through and choose the track.  Adjust volume.  Done.

The central button controls both on/off and sound selection.  While it keeps the design sleek, not everyone loves this feature. It can be frustrating, especially when in a hurry to settle a little one to be working out controls.

Made of industrial-grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), the Rest Go is tough.  It will take all of the knocks and spills of a busy parent-on-the-go as well as travelers.

The consistency of having the same sounds across Hatch models is appreciated by users who have multiple Hatch products in their home.

Like other ‘baby’ white noise machines, they are loved by grown-ups as well. For around the home and travel, their looks and portability win audiences of all ages.

The Rest Go comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros and Cons

  • Battery life
  • Rugged build
  • Stylish
  • Same sounds as other Hatch products
  • No night light
  • No battery level indicator


Function10 sounds:
Power sourceRechargable Lithium Ion battery
Dimensions6″ x 2.8″
FeaturesHanging clip
Low battery light

What people are saying about Rest Go

We travel a lot with our son, now 7 months old, and we love our standard Hatch Baby+, but packing that entire thing every trip got to be pretty ridiculous. Plus, it didn’t really solve our need for when we’re out and about locally. This does!! First of all, they totally come in gorgeous colors, but I really love that it has the exact same noise choices as their other devices, which I do think helps with consistent “sleepy cues”. Must have for active parents!
Wanted to add: the battery life is incredible. I charged it once since receiving it and haven’t yet had it die in 3 months of use. Stephanie, 2023

This portable sound machine has made stroller walks and car rides a lot easier. It has different sound options depending on your preference and volume control. I love how simple it is to use. The battery life is very impressive. I purchase it over a month ago, use it at least once a week for a few hours and have not yet had to recharge it. Ana, 2023

The Hatch Rest and Go is perfect as a background sound while reading, meditating, or just working around the house. It is very simple to use–which is very important to me as I am not tech-oriented. I opened the box, plugged it into my charger (although one comes with it if you don’t have one), and started using it when the light turned green. (Green good to go, Amber needs a charge, Red definitely needs a charge–all simple!) I love listening to the rain or the ocean–both of which are on the Hatch. They sound EXACTLY like each and the volume controls are right on top–right is louder, left is lower. LOVE THIS!  Barbara, 2023

Tips for selecting your perfect White Noise Machine

Selecting the machine that’s best for you will come down to understanding your situation, how you live and your experience with the devices.

What do you need the machine to achieve?

Is it to block out household noises so that babies and toddlers are not disturbed from naps? Or maybe you live in a noisy environment and find the bangs and clangs jarring.

Maybe you want to be able to focus without distractions. Or you live with a cognitive condition that makes it hard to stay on track.

Are you looking for relief from a poor sleep routine or a medical condition like tinnitus?

Or is it hard to settle and find inner calm? Stress, anxiety, or any number of conditions will put this one on the top of your list.

Creating a noise bubble

Not all noises are created equal!

This one includes a lot of personal preference but a general rule of thumb is that white noise will effectively block out a lot of background and urban noise. The other coloured noises vary in frequency blend and volume in the mix and work a little differently. For example, pink noise is reported to help soothe brain waves and create inner calm and easier transition to sleep.

You may find the sound of ocean waves simply annoying while for someone else, it is pure lullaby. Personally, the sound of a crackling bonfire would have me jumping out of bed thinking the place was on fire!!

If you’re not sure, maybe YouTube a couple of loops. Alternatively, choose a machine with a variety of sounds. This way you explore the options to land on the sounds that are just right for you.


With choices in power source, battery life, and portability, the way the white noise machine fits into your life will help direct your selection.

The portable ‘baby’ devices are great for little ones and travelers alike. While AC power means no thinking about flat batteries or the need to charge up the machine.

And size does matter! If you use the machine as a part of your travel kit, consider the size, weight, and how much rough and tumble it will take. Nothing would be worse than settling into your hotel only to find that the baggage handling was simply more than your machine was designed to cope with!

Equipped with the insights from this review and a good understanding of your personal needs, you’re on the way to discovering a new level of calm.

Calm a Calm