Best Weighted Blankets 2024 – sensory and sleep bliss

Described as the feeling of being held in a big, soft hug, it’s no wonder that people of all ages are turning to weighted blankets to improve their lives.

Combining deep pressure and pure comfort, weighted blankets have become a go-to for children and adults who experience anxiety and stress or simply want a good night’s sleep.

Used by therapists for many years to help manage anxiety and stress, weighted blankets were launched into the mainstream market in 2018.  And we love them! The global market is projected to reach over $ 2.2 billion (USD) by 2031.

Before you buy one of these great blankets, check out our quick guide at the end of this review. It details the important features you need to consider in making a choice that will reduce anxiety and improve sleep for years to come.

Our Review Selection

Bearaby Napper
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100% organic cotton
Premium choice
Gravity Original
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Zip-off cover
Zonli Minky
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Affordable luxe
Durable and dependable
Colour range
Budget winner
Zonli Original
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Patterns and plains
Practical choice
Kaisa Sherpa Fleece
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Decor friendly
Yescool Kids
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Cute designs
Kids’ favourite

1. Bearaby Hand-Knitted Organic Cotton Blanket

If you want a blanket that doesn’t have the risk of spilling beads, offers real breathability and looks beautiful, then the Beraby Napper knitted blanket might be a great choice.

Hand-knitted, organic cotton and fair trade certified, this blanket is ethical and cuddly.  The soft cotton feels like you’re relaxing in your favourite t-shirt.

The nature of knitting means real breathability and the lack of beads creates a seamless experience.

The Napper is one of the few blankets on the

market that can tumble dried.  An absolute bonus for those households that use the blanket all the time. These blankets feel beautiful and the stretchy knit is cuper-comforting. On the down side, a knit can be prone to catching on items when stretched.

With multiple sustainability features, you are confident that these blankets are not made by sweatshop labour, that manufacturing processes reduce the risk of negative environmental impacts, and that chemicals used are safer for both people and the environment.

As a peace-of-mind bonus, the Napper comes with PTPA safety approval and is a certified autism resource (USA).

Bearaby offers a limited 30-day warranty on their blankets.

Pros and Cons

  • 100% organic, natural fibres
  • Functional and decorative
  • Hand made
  • Breathable
  • Easy care
  • Expensive
  • Knitted fabric can stretch and catch


Fabric100% organic cotton
ConstructionHand knitted
Weight10lb – 20lb / 5kg – 9kg
Size40”x64” to 45”x 72” / 102cm x 163cm to 114cm x 183cm
Colours3 – light grey, dark grey, blue
Blanket careMachine wash and tumble dry
Duvet coverNo

What people are saying about Napper

I have fibromyalgia and I have read that a weighted blanket would help. I monitor my sleep every night by my Samsung watch. My sleep runs in the 40 and 50 percent efficiency. I started using this blanket and it is now in the high 60s to up to 82!!! What a huge difference. I still struggle with the cost, but each good night of sleep, it bothers me less and less.  Carol, 2023

I bought this item as a gift for my daughter who had been having difficulty in sleeping because of anxiety and stress a since she has been using this blanket. has been able to sleep through the night and feel much better. Amalia, 2023

I sleep better and miss it when I travel for work or fun. I feel more rested. I sleep with a sheet under it but it is great by itself on the couch. Never going back to beaded weighted blankets again. LLW, 2023

2. Gravity Original Blanket

The original weighted blanket company, Gravity has been producing weighted blankets for us for years.

Designed for adult users, the bright colour options and premium cotton construction with microfibre cover continue to meet the expectations of the strong base of loyal fans.  It’s not hard to see why. Cotton will improve breathability while microfibre feels lush.

This blanket stays true to the durable cotton blanket construction and adds a luxe removable cover to make the experience cuddlier.

The duvet’s unique zipper and loop system means less bunching of the blanket within the cover and less time to assemble.

Small box stitching making sure that the beads stay in place.  Perfect for draping and cuddling under!

Gravity offers a limited 30-day warranty on their blankets.

Pros and Cons

  • Small box-stitch sections
  • No-bunch duvet cover
  • Bright colour options
  • Easy care cover
  • Limited size and weight options
  • No kid sizes
  • Time time-consuming to change the cover


FillGlass beads
Weight15lb – 35lb / 7kg – 16kg
Size48”x72” and 90”x90” / 122cm x 183cm and 229cm x 229cm
Colours6 x plain colours
Blanket careMachine washable cover and handwash only blanket
Duvet coverIncluded

What people are saying about Gravity

Perfectly even distributed weight. No shifting of beads. Soft. Perfect for keeping you asleep. Anjee, 2023

It’s big enough to cover two blanket hogs and puts us both out fast. The one down side is that it is so warm that I always wake up sweating. But it’s so worth it. Tyler, 2023

After a few nights, I started noticing all it took was for me to put my phone down, roll over to my side, take some deep breaths and BOOM, I was out.  It’s been about a month now – my sleep has never been better. My anxiety issues at night have almost completely went away. My sleep quality has improved (less waking up) and my snoring and tossing and turning has went way down (according to my partner). Enzo, 2021

3. Zonli Minky Blanket

Described by one happy customer as being wrapped up like a taco (points for originality), the newest addition to the ZonLi range is a bit more luxe!  It made our list for the increased use of cool cotton and because it’s bundled with a snuggly duvet.  Made for comfort and warmth, this blanket is great value for anxiety, insomnia, and those who sleep hot.

Responsive to customer expectations of more environmentally friendly products, ZonLi blankets are made with chemicals that are safer for human health and the environment.

The easy-care duvet cover is microfibre and tends to be cool to the touch.  As we’re seeing with some of the newer ZonLi blankets, the box stitching is reduced to 5.9” to ensure even less bead movement.

The larger and heavier blankets can be a little bit of a workout to get on the bed, but it is worth it.  The duvet makes for an attractive addition to a bedroom look.

The ZonLi range includes several different products and regular product upgrades which can be a bit confusing.  Take time to double-check the details of the blanket (size, weight, fabrics) before purchase.

The 2-year warranty is peace of mind for a durable blanket. 

Pros and Cons

  • 2-year warranty
  • King-size bed option
  • Affordable
  • 8 x blanket-duvet attachment loops
  • Limited colours
  • No kids’ sizes


FabricMinky feel cover
ConstructionMixed – cotton and synthetic
FillGlass beads
Weight15lb – 35lb / 7kg – 16kg
Size60”x80” and 94”x96” / 152cm x  203cm and 239cm x 244cm
Colours3 – white, grey, dark grey
Blanket careMachine washable cover.  Blanket requires a commercial washing machine or hand wash
Duvet coverMachine washable cover.  The blanket requires a commercial washing machine or hand wash

What people are saying about Zonli Minky

I was so skeptical about getting a weighted blanket but now I’m glad I did. I sleep through the night and did not get hot at all. I thought it would be very hot bit just the opposite. Best product I could have gotten. AC, 2023

I felt like I was slapped by the original “Mr Sandman” himself from the song in the 1950’s!  But instead of asking for a dreamy man, I was asking for a gentle rest! You won’t be disappointed because you will be knocked out😆 Chase 2021

My husband and I can both sleep under this. My only grievance is that it’s so heavy that it brings the sheet off the bed when you roll over. Vanessa, 2022

4. Bare Blanket

If you’re budget conscious and want a blanket that’s as clean-living as you are, then the 100% cotton-covered Bare range is worth considering.  Meeting the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, Bare does not use toxic chemicals or dyes in their blanket, which could be a game changer for those with sensitivities.

With adult and child sizes, If you’re looking for a light, adult-sized blanket, Bare has a hard-to-find 7lb option.  Great for those who want that lighter pressure or a more casual blanket for draping and lounging around

A duvet cover can be added as the blankets feature corner loops to hold a cover in place.  This is a bit light-on as most blankets will have 6 or 8 loops to minimise slip.

A great value choice, the affordable Bare blankets are available with both a 100% Cotton cover and blankets with fleece on one side.  It is oh-too-easy to get distracted on the page, so double-check your choice and pick the style just right for you!

We love the sleep on it for 30-nights guarantee!

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Cotton cover
  • No toxic dyes
  • Colour range
  • Functional design
  • 4 blanket-duvet loops


Fabric100% cotton (some designs)
Construction5 x layer with polyfill layers
FillGlass beads
Weight7lb – 30lb / 3kg – 14kg
Size40”x60” to 80”x87” / 102cm – 152cm to 203cm x 221cm
Colours17 x plain colours
Blanket careHand or machine wash.  Dry cleanable 
Duvet coverNot included

What people are saying about Bare

If you’ve never used a weighted blanket before, and you’re intrigued by the concept, this blanket is a solid choice. I use a smartwatch, and my sleep quality went immediately up, from a routine score between 65 to 75, all the way up to 85.  I have no way to know for sure, but I feel like I also have less anxiety during the day. It might be attributed to this blanket. Smol, 2023

I had put off buying a weighted blanket for years. Wish I had bought this one all those years ago. It is perfect. It feels like you have the comfort of home, the comfort of someone who loves you and has just tucked you in for the night. Susan, 2023

Have bought several. 15 pound for me. 10 pound for autistic grandchild. You wouldn’t think so but has a calming effect at bedtime or after a rough day. Debbie, 2023

5. Zonli Original Blanket

One of the more popular brands today, this entry-level ZonLi features solid construction and machine-washable fabrics.

With the broadest range of colours – 10 x prints + 15 x plain colours matched with 15 size and weight options, ZonLi has you spoilt for choice.

Depending on the blanket size, box stitching ranges from 5” to 6”.  This may not be as compact as some other brands but would be expected to keep the beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket, maintaining a consistent weight and warmth.

The size guide provides good information to help with selecting the right blanket.  It is great to see a child’s size 5lb / 3kg blanket. 

With 8 x loops, the blanket is ready for an optional duvet cover.

Manufacturing processes are of more and more interest, both for minimising skin reactions and environmental care.  So, it’s good to know that ZonLi blankets are certified by the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 – safer chemical use in the production of their blankets. 

All Zonli Original blankets are covered by their 2-year warranty. 

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Range of colours, sizes and weights
  • 2-year product warranty
  • 100% synthetic fabrics and materials
  • Heavier blankets are hard to handle


Construction7 x layers
FillGlass beads
Weight5lb – 30lb / 3kg – 14kg
Size36”x48” to 60” x 80” / 91cm x 122cm to 152cm x  203cm
Colours25 colours / prints
Blanket care25 colours/prints
Duvet coverNot included

What people are saying about Zonli Original

One of best decisions ever. It is a totally different sleeping experience. It gives a sense of warmth without heat and of being really snuggle up good and tight. Robert, 2023

I’ve been using this 17lb weighted blanket for a week now and it’s great. I am 6’ and 190 lbs so it’s the perfect size.  Christopher 2023

Great quality, feel, incredibly comfortable, improved sleep, decreased stress. Like a permanent hug when I’m in bed. S, 2023

6. Kaisa Sherpa Fleece Blanket

There is something special about the feeling of a fluffy sherpa blanket next to your skin.  On that level, the Kaisa blanket delivers. With both the plush flannel top and sherpa layer made of dense 220gsm fabrics, your sherpa blanket is durable and makes everyday use a breeze.

Meeting modern design preferences, the colours match on both sides, creating a more sophisticated look.

As is standard for weighted blankets, the beads are contained within 6-inch box stitched squares for stability and even distribution

Kaisa emphasises the tight stitching used in the construction of the blanket, making sure that those ceramic beads stay in place while you snooze.

Looking as much like a sofa throw as a blanket, this blanket will quickly become a household favourite for comfort and looks.  Easy care fabrics mean that Sherpa blankets are machine washable although spot cleaning is recommended for minor spills and marks.

With a small range of colours and sizes, the Kaisa blanket may require a compromise for comfort.

Pros and Cons

  • Soft and snuggly
  • Heavy, durable fabrics
  • Sherpa fleece
  • 100% synthetic
  • Limited options


Construction7 x layer
FillCeramic beads
Weight 15lb and 20lb / 7kg and 9kg
Size48”x72” and 60”x80” / 122cm x 183cm and 152cm x 203cm
Colours3 – pink, grey, navy
Blanket careCommercial machine wash. Spot cleaning is recommended.
Duvet coverNo

What people are saying about Kaisa Sherpa Fleece

All I’ve ever known is heavy down comforters but this 15lb Sherpa blanket is a life-changing experience for sure! It’s shaved velvet-like on one side and Sherpa on the other and both are uber-soft against the skin. Geary, 2023

Exactly as pictured and very warm and cozy. The weight is really nice too, other blankets just don’t compare. I even ordered another in pink. Ashley, 2023

This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my wellness ever! I suffer from very severe sleep disruption and have had inadequate sleep for over a decade. I still wake up once a night but am able to roll over and go back to sleep and the quality of my sleep is so much better….. Also, it feels like my bed is hugging me all night. Anna, 2023

7. Yescool Kids’ Blanket

Kids will fall in love with the bright designs of their yescool blanket before they even get to enjoy the comfort of these great-looking blankets!

And the focus on children is reinforced with the lightest blanket of only 3lb.  Perfect for little ones and suitable for adults who want a light blanket.  With 18 size and weight combos, there is plenty of choice.

With 5”x5” box stitching,  beads are secure and there’s no slippage.

If you’re buying for a child, easy cleaning must be near the top of the list.  These blankets are machine washable and air-dried.  So, spills and soiling are not a drama.

If the fabric is important to you, take time to check before you buy.  There is a premium fabric (synthetic) and one of the kids’ range includes fleece. 

Along with the kids’ range, yescool offers an adult blanket range. So, you can shop for the whole family at once!

It’s good to know that the blankets meet STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX which requires every component of a textile product—including all thread, buttons, and trims—to be tested against a list of more than 1,000 harmful regulated and unregulated chemicals that may be harmful to human health.

Pros and Cons

  • Super-light (3lb/1.5kg) options
  • Lighter blankets cleanable in domestic washing machine
  • Cute kids’ designs
  • Stable construction 
  • 100% synthetic
  • Not all designs suit duvet cover


FabricSynthetic, including fleece
Construction7 x layer  with 5″ box stitching
FillGlass beads
Weight3lb – 30lb / 1.5kg – 14kg
Size36”x48” to 80”x87” / 91cm x 122cm to 203cm x 221cm
Colours 14 – 10 x plain colours + 4 x kids’ patterns
Blanket careMachine or hand wash. 
Duvet coverNot included

What people are saying about yescool

I found this one after ordering a smaller one from the same company for my son and purchased it for my daughter. Now both kids sleep through the night most of the time with their own weighted blanket. They both love them. We’ve had a stomach bug come through the house and these blankets were also easy to wash and held up great after multiple washes within a single week! I highly recommend these blankets. Nikki, 2023

I had been wanting to try this to help with my anxiety, and mannnnn it is GREAT!! I am now able to fall asleep in a decent amount of time and actually sleep well!  Caytee, 2023

My six-year-old has been regressing in sleep since she began kindergarten. A weighted blanket was suggested to help her by a friend. The five-pound pink blanket worked! She is back to sleeping through the night and not waking up shrieking in the mornings. It must be comforting to her. I make no promises this will help your child, but for an anxious, 48-pound kindergartener it worked. K, 2023

With so many choices it can be a little overwhelming to choose the weighted blanket that is perfect for your needs.  To make sure that you buy a blanket you’ll love, your checklist needs to include:

Lifestyle:  Is the blanket purely functional or does it need to look good in your place as well?  Duvet covers are great for changing up a look and having an easy-care top layer. 

Will the blanket be used every day or every now and then?  Blankets that receive lots of love and are subject to life’s spills and stains can end up being expensive to clean or inconvenient laundry items unless they are easy-care or have covers to take the day-to-day action.

Sensitivities: Weighted blankets are at their best when they feel like a big hug, so the need to consider the sensory experience is important.  Be aware of the materials and fabrics used in the blankets and any sensory preferences or allergies the user might experience. 

Buying Guide

Budget: Consider the cost of the blanket including purchase, optional extras like fashion or minky covers, and the cost of cleaning.  Be aware of the cost of the whole package and how it fits with the way it will be used.

If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of things to consider in buying the perfect blanket for you, jump over to our Buying Guide.

Product guarantees can be extra peace of mind in knowing that the blanket will last for years.

While the 10% of the user’s weight guideline is useful, the blanket needs to suit the person and how they experience deep pressure.

Calm a Calm